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Use your mouse to navigate the headlines model and explore the latest news.
Larger bubbles represent news headlines that our aggregation engine finds to be most popular.
Blue represents current Twitter trends opposed to news headlines.
Red represents news headlines that are trending.

Image Tiles

The Image tiles section is simply all of the featured headlines that contain images compiled into a scrollable feed, starting with headlines that seem to be of top priority to the aggregation engine.

Is There An API For This?

Yes, well technically, there is.

Without further ado, here is the (basic) API documentation:

The aggregation engine updates to https://headlines.recon.us.com/headlines.json every 20 minutes or so.

Keep in mind, the update times may vary as I continue to improve the aggregation engine throughout development.

The official API is currently in development and will be available on RapidAPI soon and will include larger datasets and even more news sources.

API Endpoint


The endpoint is simply a JSON file that contains all of the news headlines that are currently trending.

Note: The data is updated every few minutes.
The next update can be determined by adding the int `interval_time_seconds` to the current DateTime `timestamp` then subtracting the current DateTime to get the difference.

Main Object
Key Type Description
timestamp DateTime The time(UTC) that the data was last updated.
interval_time_seconds int The time in seconds until the data will be updated next. This is set when the data is updated, NOT when you request the dataset. This is used to determine the next update time.
major_headlines headline [] An array of headline objects that contains the top news headlines. Beware of duplicate headlines between headlines and major_headlines.
headlines headline [] An array of headline objects that contains all news headlines. Beware of duplicate headlines between headlines and major_headlines.
Headline Object
Key Type Description
dataNode int The node of our engine that is responsibe for this headline.
hash string The unique hash of the headline.
text string The headline of the news article. For some sources, this may be the same as the content.
link string The link to the news article.
pubDate DateTime (UTC) The date and time that the article was published.
source string The source of the article.
mediaUrls string[] An array of the urls of the media associated with the article.
kwargs Object An object containing all of the additional information that the source provides.
Note: This is not always available and may change throughout development.

VR/AR Support

I have a neat vision of waking up and starting my coffee while catching up on the news via AR, simply manipulating the headlines with basic pushing/pulling motions while I get ready to start my day.
VR/AR are currently not supported at the moment but I really hope to add support in the future.

Thanks For Testing!

This is a work in progress & I'd love to hear your feedback!
Feel free to message or @ me on Twitter!

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